Gas Distribution Delays Continue Days After Historic Flooding in South Florida

Port and county officials asked drivers to be patient and that they were working to distribute fuel in gas stations throughout South Florida

Long lines were reported at gas stations Monday in South Florida as fuel distribution delays continued days after historic rainfall and flooding.

Historic flooding last week caused issues in the distribution of fuel. According to officials from Port Everglades, roads in and out of the fuel farms were flooded, which didn’t allow their trucks to get to gas stations.

"It’s like lines back to back, each entryway lines are miles and miles long," a driver told NBC6 Sunday.

NBC6 observed long lines at a Costco gas station in Pembroke Pines, where some drivers said they had been driving around all day just to look for gas.

Officials from Sunshine Gasoline Distributors — one of the largest gasoline distributors in South Florida — confirmed Friday that distribution was disrupted following Wednesday's storm.

Days later, Port Everglades and county officials were telling drivers to be patient and ensuring the public that they were working to deliver more gas throughout South Florida.

"Petroleum trucks continue to load fuel at Port Everglades for delivery to gas stations throughout Florida," a port spokesperson said Sunday. "The public is encouraged to remain patient and not rush to the pumps since the port has ample fuel supply."